Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Good

After Electric Forest was All Good. We spent some time on the road only to end up in the MOUNTAINS! The setup was super space Japenessey as usual, which pleased my eye palette. Friday night I rolled over to shakedown and busted out some tunes for the fine folk of AG who were seeming to dig the Funk. The remainder of the weekend I spent mostly chillin on shakedown street playin tunes for the ragers all around. Some of my babies checked out Zach deputy which they said was amazing, Karl Denson even gnarlier, Primus insanity, and Warren Haynes epic! Wow I really liked chillin all night at this festival until Sunday morning and up until Sunday morning. Sunday evening I started playing some Grateful Dead to please Greg and Alex of Eden Rose, but when the sun went that that turned into a full out funk dance party with bubble poppin' all night to end the weekend!!

Next stop; Royal Family Affair

to be continued....

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