Sunday, August 21, 2011

All Good

After Electric Forest was All Good. We spent some time on the road only to end up in the MOUNTAINS! The setup was super space Japenessey as usual, which pleased my eye palette. Friday night I rolled over to shakedown and busted out some tunes for the fine folk of AG who were seeming to dig the Funk. The remainder of the weekend I spent mostly chillin on shakedown street playin tunes for the ragers all around. Some of my babies checked out Zach deputy which they said was amazing, Karl Denson even gnarlier, Primus insanity, and Warren Haynes epic! Wow I really liked chillin all night at this festival until Sunday morning and up until Sunday morning. Sunday evening I started playing some Grateful Dead to please Greg and Alex of Eden Rose, but when the sun went that that turned into a full out funk dance party with bubble poppin' all night to end the weekend!!

Next stop; Royal Family Affair

to be continued....

Electric Forest

Next stop was Electric Forest. It was great chillin in such a laid back & peaceful environment. We went to check out the Break Science set Friday night which was BANANAS! Reminded me of ritual lunar ceremonies with the Crystal Clans on the beach :) That night we stayed up until the sunrise, it looked like God made an oil painting the sky his canvas :)
The next day we checked out Lettuce! It was awesome, super funky. Possibly more funky than usual I wore my crown for the occasion. The rest of that day we strolled around, checked out String Cheese killin and then wandered over to shakedown and cranked out a couple tunes. Electric Forest was killer, first time there not going to be the last.


Greeting internet earthlings! This is our first official blog together and it feels...great! So I think it's appropriate for this first blog to recap what I've been up to all summer.
Well it kicked off with a jam in Chillicothe, Illinois called Summercamp. It was awesome. We got their early to land a spot in the back of woods where we were quickly greeted by hundreds of traveling backpackers who were surprised to see me, as I was to see them. They frequesntly took out their earth cameras to snap pictures of me which to my surprise showed me that indeed I am not shy, even though I blushed once or twice when some super spacey ladies snapped a shot. The woods were action-packed. Friday after noon I rolled down the street to check out The Main Squeeze rockin out and especially enjoyed their go at 'Last Call'. Later on that night I was crowded by a bunch of lazy eyed looking people in line to get birthday balloons but I couldn't figure out whose birthday it was? And why were they deflating the balloon decorations?


Summer 2011' all begins........