Wednesday, October 19, 2011

North Coast!!


And after all that...we still have North Coast. The summers last stand....

As soon as we walked in we saw super spacey   ladies everywhere! They
were walking around through the city, swinging hoops, and saving souls
with their spacey eyes. The vibe was vibe-rant and people were
smiling left right up and down, dancing in the park. Dancing in the city.
There were a number of great performances Friday but was too busy
soaking in the scene to stay too long at any, Wolfgang Gartner and Lotus
were keeping it fresh and Sound Tribe after party was a long and raging
road into the abyss.

Saturday jumped off with a super energetic set from
Rubblebucket that peaked during 'Came out of a Lady' when
members from the band marched into the crowd playing their instruments
for a hype dance party communal style. Even though it started to rain
that couldn't keep New Mastersounds from makin it funky and taking
us all to London for an international rage! And the much anticipated set
from Break Science & Rjd2 of course did not let us down. Rj began the set
with some solo theatrics, just him, his jump suit, helmet, and crotch mpc
makin beats and injecting humor with phallas references to credit his beats.
Following a trip through the past as Rj played his classics including Ghostwriter
and The Horror, very nostalgic indeed. This was followed by a bunch of tracks
off Break Sciences recent album 'Further than our Eyes can See' which lead
into more from the Royal Family; Lettuce! Delivering an energetic hour of
funk and rage and ending on a commemorative note with Mr. Yancey the
J Dilla tribute, left us in the clouds, wanting more.
Rusko in one word: animal.

To bring Chi town together no other than the one man act with a sick
backing band; Common tore the house down. His band playing live
instrumentals from his old and new tracks with the voice of the Chi
speaking rhyme in its most raw form, brought the people together
to say 'if you feel free put your hands in the air' and they all stayed
up for the entirety of the set.

And Bassnectar of course ended the weekend with bass for your face.
Left the whole crowd with a ghost subwoofer in their brain playing
bass heavy beats on loop. I don't think their was much complaining...

It was great to be back where it all began for the Funkty; Chi town to close off
the summer festie season of 2011'. Thank you ragers across the land for
making it a summer that we will never forget!!

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